5 Ways to use Instagram for E-commerce Marketing


Instagram has become the major medium for an e-commerce website to promote the business and gain more traffic. Over the years, this social media platform has surpassed the Facebook and Twitter in terms of offering marketing medium for online business owners. There are more than 300 million users and half the users are e-commerce site owners. The platform is not limited to large brands, but also upcoming brands and retails sites.

Using Instagram in an effective way is very essential to gain exposure and promote the product. Below are certain tips on how to use Instagram for promoting brands and service:

  1. Integrating Instagram with E-commerce Website:

Like Facebook and Twitter, you can integrate e-commerce website with Instagram photos to bring traffic to the site. For instance, any brand posts different images of different products on Instagram integrating with the respective page on the site. This brings the viewers to the site for the purchase and further exposure to the site.

  1. Selling Through Instagram:

Instagram doesn’t allow users to embed live hyperlinks along images, making it difficult for merchants to allow viewers to click on the product images. However, a user can add links by offering details about the product making it easier to sell the product. One has to be unique and creative in terms selling the product online.

  1. Showcase Lifestyle Photos:

One of the creative ways to showcase products is using lifestyle method and images resembling real-life settings. Many leading brands and e-commerce sites use this technique to promote the product and sell it. This is to give a real picture of the product as a part of the lifestyle. For instance, you can show apparels for different occasions.

  1. Running Contest:

This is the most ideal and effective marketing way in Instagram. Check out features like Your Stories to keep visitors updated about the contest to create hype. Use images to pull the attention and encourage to participate. If you’re offering apparels or any electronic device for the winner, showcase the product to make a creative appeal.

  1. Celebrate Festivals:

Festivals are the best time to promote your service and product through various offers and creative post. Present your audience with various products that match with the festive season. For instance, during Christmas people go for a trip, so why not offer portable charger or power bank to charge the mobile during a journey. Create a good festive wishing design with products in the background to create an appeal.

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