9 Tools To Know The Traffic Sources Of Your Business


Is just having a digital presence the goal of your business? Once having a digital presence will the business grow all by itself? The answer to both the queries is a big NO!

Then what is it that you need to do for growing your online business.

  • You need to drive traffic to your site
  • You need this traffic to materialize into customers
  • You need to know what actually is happening on your website
  • Know what the top sources of this traffic are
  • Track the social metrics
  • Know how the competitors are thriving

To track and know all these you need some tools on your device that will help you keep track of your business and help it to grow and improve your performance.

Online tools For Business V4B

You need to understand user behavior, do competitive research and optimize and test your site. There are different tools that help you do these with ease. A few are free while the others charge a nominal fee for use. It is really worth it to pay if it helps your business grow.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Chart Beat
  3. Crazy Egg

These are the must-have tools for an e-commerce site. These will help the user to know what is really happening on the website. While the former is free the latter to charge a nominal fee of about $9-$10 per month.

It is really important to know about the opponents in your trade and what is their strategy. You have tools to track this and let you know about it. These tools will also help you with SEO.

You can install these tools

  1. Complete Seo Tool -a free or paid version
  2. Moz at $99 per month
  3. SEMrush $ 70 per month

Using these you can get the data about your ranking on the search engine and gives you insight how you can improve on the social media sites too.

You may need a tool for optimizing your site and then testing it. The best tools that are recommended for it are

  1. Google content experiments
  2. Facebook page insights
  3. Twitter analytics

All these come for free using which you can track your social metrics.

All this tracking will help you to know what needs to be done for your business to get a boost and become the leader among competitors.



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