How Do Reviews Affect Brand Growth


How Do Reviews Affect Brand Growth

As you are reading this article, we are sure you might have shopped online sometimes. It would not be wrong to say that we are just in the inception period of online shopping. There’s a long way to go before we could achieve perfection in the same. As it is still an act of considerable risks, there are some factors upon which we rely in order to get the desired outcome. One of them is the ‘Reviews’. It is true that reviews affect Brand growth. There are several negative and positive way in which they could affect the business organisation and thereby affect the growth of business.

Reviews Affect, Brand Growth

Positive Effects

  • A customer shows increased trust when a product is reviewed positively. It is totally a human instinct to go after something which is perceived as trustable by fellow human beings. Reviews pave a way for increasing the brand’s trustability. This is why a company should focus on producing better goods and rendering efficient services so that they could get good reviews and earn the trust of masses.
  • A study conducted has revealed that 85% of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendation in person by any trusted relative or friend. In Askalidis, Y., and Malthouse, E. C. “The Value of Online Customer Reviews, it was mentioned that if an online platform has a ‘review section’, then there are 270% more purchase likelihood of a product, as compared to a site with no review section.

Negative Effects

  • Reviews could have a negative effect too. A study has shown that if there are only positive reviews of a product, it could create a suspicion in the mind of the potential customer. That is why Negative ones are also required in order to establish credibility. Another study by ‘Revoo’ manifested that consumers spend four times as long on a site if they come in contact with negative reviews.
  • If the reviews are from Anonymous reviewers only, it may not be seen as credible. Whereas if the verified buyer does the same, then they are relied more on by the people. Researchers suggest companies and brands display a ‘Verified Buyer’ tag so which would, in turn, increase the trustability of a brand.

So these are some of the ways in which Reviews affect Brand Growth. It is suggested to hire Digital Marketing Company for building a good image of the company. There are several Digital Marketing Agencies in India and one could avail services of the same.


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