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One of the most crucial factors in social media is budgeting. You often get confused and wonder if this much I’m investing then would I get the respective ROI. The realistic questions for the realist coat will arise at this point in time.

Even if you do a simple research online, Google will give you a plethora of options to choose from. So, Value4Brand being the Best digital marketing agency has eased down your work a little. We have narrowed it down for you and listed a few essentials that will be needed in this budget plan!

  1. Design

The graphic designs play an important role in social media. From your creatives to cover images to the website, everything requires a graphic. Did you know? These graphics plays a critical role in increasing your business’s growth online. Depending on which stage is your business right now, you might choose the free tools as opposed to hiring an experienced candidate. Start taking your time wisely as this will help you grow your business. You can also hire a digital marketing agency which will handle all your work while you think about more ways to nail down in your business.

Let’s break the budget:

Social Graphics: ₹700-₹1,500

Social Covers: ₹2,000-₹4,000

Banners: ₹1,400-₹5,000 per banner

  1. Video

While 2019 was all about videos! The popularity has immensely increased. We don’t have furthermore time to waste upon long strategies, but determine fits to the client’s budget and plan accordingly. Folks, we have come up with a few famous ideas, i.e.,

* Teaser

* Promo

* Explainer

Now you can know if you wish to use a video tool on your own, or if you need to hire a videographer. The choice that you choose today will suggest what price should you pay.

Let’s break the budget:

Video creation/editing tools via an agency: ₹1,400-₹21,000/month

Videographer: ₹5,000-₹35,000/hour

  1. Tools

It is equally important that you use the right tools as part of success in your social media. But little do we know that most of these tools come at an expensive rate. The key is to find the perfect amalgamation of various tools which can help you manage, and optimise, after that strategically create a social media presence.

Let’s break the budget:

Influencer marketing & Trending Content: $79-$559/month

Post Planner: $9-$49/month

Tracking and Analysis: $49-$399/month

No matter what your budget is, start with different mediums and try n test! Consider which social channel works the best for you. Don’t fall into the trap of depending upon one social medium. Experiment with each idea to set a realistic budget and strategy forward for your social media marketing strategy. You can contact us at [email protected]



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