Importance of Search Engine and co-relation with SEO


Importance of Search Engine and co-relation with SEO

Today, there is no business that doesn’t have its presence on search engine. In fact, it is the norm to have online information about the business so that customers can reach the business easily. However, just being on search engine isn’t enough, your website or business should rank on top page. Be it the Google, Bing or Yahoo, having presence in these search engines is like a half battle won.

Importance of Search Engine

However, many are still curious to know how exactly this search engine works, or more particularly the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How Search Engine Works?

In layman language, search engine works on three main functions:

  • Crawling:

This involves scanning of the website and collecting essential data of pages, titles, images, etc. It also checks whether the overall site looks clustered with different ads or what links does it has? This crawler in web world named as ‘spider’. Any site which uses black hat methods or unethical ways to promote a product, then it may either get banned or penalised.

  • Indexing:

Indexing is when the data collected and placed in a database. For instance, if you have made a list of books according to their publishers, authors and genres, you later our comb through each book, while indexing is done when you log as per the list collected.

  • Retrieval and Ranking:

Here search engine processes the search query and returns those pages matching the query. The ranking algorithms then check the query against billions of pages. Some companies guard their ranking algorithms due to their complexity. Having better algorithm will help in better search experiences.

Once you understand how search engine works and why it is important for the website. It is important that you learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website according to the rules set by search engines. A site which is optimized finely according to the algorithms set by search engines has a higher chance of ranking on the top. In today’s competitive market, SEO becomes an essential part. If you have a website or blog, using the right optimization method is important.

Importance of Search Engines:

Search engines were created to make internet users find information conveniently. Whether they are looking information about the product, personality or doing any random search, search engine enables them to find the information and take them through different websites. For instance, if you are searching for “cheap used cars”, the search engine will produce a list of web pages as per their ranking. These websites work hard on using different tools and actions of search engine optimization, so that their ranking rises and fall on the top of the result.

Users trust search engine’s top result and click on it to find the information. It is found that nearly 85% of searchers never go beyond the second page of search engine. If you have implemented SEO methods rightly, then there is a high chance of attracting visitors to your site.


Based on various results, it is seen that majority of web traffic comes from search engines. This also signifies the importance of SEO and methods to implementing it rightly. SEO professionals need to keep an eye on changing algorithms of search engines to get the best result.


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